New Fellowship Position Available Starting May 2024

David Carney by David Carney, Partner of Green & Schafle

Are you a law student in the Philadelphia area looking for an opportunity to get real trial lawyer experience? Consider a year-long fellowship at Green & Schafle in Philadelphia, PA.

At Green & Schafle, we are excited to offer a one-year fellowship to interested law students. Our Fellowship position offers law students the opportunity to work closely with our trial lawyers over the course of a year so that the law student can understand the ins and outs of trial work and work and assist on cases and trials over the course of the year. More specifically, the fellowship position allows law students to assist and attend trials, undertake great responsibility with client contact, and assist in managing caseloads. This role will allow the law student to understand what is expected of them when they become a first year associate after passing the bar exam. ### See What Our Past Law Students Have Said About Their Experience > "During my externship experience at Green & Schafle, I gained practical experience in civil litigation. My responsibilities included drafting settlement demands, affidavits, and petitions for vaccine injury cases. I also had the opportunity to conduct client intake interviews to gather essential facts and learn the specifics of their vaccine-related injuries. This hands-on experience allowed me to gain a meaningful understanding of the litigation process, from initial client meetings to the preparation of legal documents. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Green & Schafle and am grateful for the valuable skills and knowledge this experience provided me." > >> Molly Hecht, J.D. Candidate, Class of 2024, Villanova University, Charles Widger School of Law ## Position Qualifications - Students from any of the major Philadelphia law schools, including Penn State law, are welcome to apply. - 1Ls and 2Ls should apply. - Must have an interest in civil litigation and trial advocacy. - Strong writing and oral advocacy skills. ## How to Apply Green & Schafle’s fellowship is based on availability and need. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and discuss potential start and end dates with our hiring attorney. All interested candidates must submit their resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript and writing sample by email to: [David Carney - Partner, Green & Schafle](
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