Court Awards Petitioner $70,442.92 for Her Shoulder Injury from the Influenza Vaccination

David Carney by David Carney, Partner of Green & Schafle

Petitioner E was awarded $70,442.92 in damages for her shoulder injury caused by a flu vaccine through the efforts of Attorney David Carney and his vaccine litigation team. On November 7, 2018, Ms. E was vaccinated in her right shoulder and began to feel pain immediately which she described as being in her shoulder where the vaccine was administered and as a severe aching pain which lasted for a couple of days following the vaccine. Her shoulder pain continued to increase over the next few days and caused Ms. Es’ discomfort in doing simple tasks like vacuuming, cleaning, cooking, brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and getting dressed. Ms. E treated her shoulder pain with visits to an orthopedist, four prescribed cortisone injections, a Mobic prescription, and an MRI. David Carney and his team argued that Ms. Es’ treating physicians and medical records overwhelming supported the claim that her shoulder injury was caused by her November 7, 2018 flu vaccination. As a result of her injury, she struggled to do basic activities of daily living which negatively impacted her life. Despite the evidence, the US Department of Justice failed to compensate Ms. E fairly for her injury, prompting Mr. Carney and his team to take the matter before the Court so that the issues could be decided by the Court. After litigating the issues before the Court and the special master assigned to the case, the Court held that the vaccine caused Ms. Es’ shoulder injury and that she should be awarded $70,442.92 to compensate her for her pain and suffering and past medical expenses
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