Nationally Recognized Vaccine Injury Lawyers

Our Partner, David Carney, is a vaccine injury attorney and a leader in the litigation representing individuals with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, shoulder injuries and many other autoimmune diseases

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Nationwide Vaccine Injury Lawyer | Green and Schafle

Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers

Our lawyers have recovered tens of millions of dollars for victims of medical malpractice

We have litigated against nursing homes for ongoing neglect of their elderly patients

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Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers | Green and Schafle

Fighting for Victims of Dangerous and Defective Products

Hundreds of Millions Recovered for Victims of Unsafe Drugs, Defective Medical Devices, and Asbestos Diseases

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Trial Lawyers that Fight Back Against Manufacturers of Unsafe Products | Green and Schafle
Nationally Recognized Vaccine Injury Lawyers
Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers
Trial Lawyers that Fight Back Against Manufacturers of Unsafe Products
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Specializing in Catastrophic Personal Injury & Vaccine Injury Law

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If you or your loved one has suffered a serious personal injury, Green & Schafle can work to get you a financial recovery that will pay for your medical expenses and fully compensate you for all the challenges and inconveniences the injury caused, from time missed from work to permanent disability, as well as the physical pain and suffering and mental distress you’ve had to endure. Below are the types of cases we routinely litigate.

Vaccine Injury Trial Lawyers

Green & Schafle uniquely handle vaccine injury cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in Washington, D.C. These cases involve injuries occurring after routine and everyday vaccines such as the influenza vaccine, tetanus diphtheria and pertussis (TDaP) vaccine, varicella vaccine, MMR vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, HPV vaccine, and pneumonia vaccines. Get more info about our vaccine injury lawyers and the vaccine injuries we represent.

Securities Litigation Lawyers

We have securities litigation attorneys who specialize in scenarios where individuals have suffered monetary losses from financial planners or brokers who engage in negligent practices. We tend to focus on disputes that arise in the context of the broker/client relationship, and we pursue cases where a broker or investment advisor has perpetrated a deceptive act that results in a loss of capital for an investor or investors, willfully or through negligence, and in violation of existing securities laws. Get more info about our securities litigation lawyers and how we can help.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

Our personal injury trial lawyers handle a variety of personal injury cases in Pennsylvania. Typical cases include auto accidents, premises liability or slip and fall injuries, workplace accidents, nursing home neglect and abuse, and lead paint exposures.

Nursing home neglect consists of the refusal or failure of a caregiver or nursing home to provide any food, medicine, shelter, clothing, supervision, medical care, and services that would be essential for the well-being of an elder under care.

Automobile or motor vehicle accidents can be as simple as a rear ender accident, or more complex involving multiple parties at fault. Our trial lawyers consistently and successfully handle the routine and complex automotive accident cases by performing detailed investigations of the accidents, building cases with witnesses and accident reconstructions, and locating multiple sources of insurance when the defendants’ insurance policies are underinsured to cover all of our clients’ injuries and medical needs.

Slip and fall accidents or premises liability cases occur when you are injured on someone else’s property due to a known or unknown defect (i.e. walking into a store and the shelf collapses onto you without warning). Get more info about our personal injury trial lawyers and the types of cases we represent.

Dangerous and Defective Product Attorneys

When we are prescribed a medication by our doctor, we expect that it is thoroughly tested, safe and has no undisclosed side effects that can seriously injure us. However, despite being approved by the FDA, prescription medications can be found to have side effects which can cause serious and long-lasting problems. This is often not the fault of the doctor prescribing the medication, but of the pharmaceutical company that is developing, testing and manufacturing the prescription medication and through litigation, we learn that the manufacturer either knew or should have known of the dangerous side effects through their testing and clinical trials.

The same scenario is true of medical implants and medical devices. These devices can have tremendous impacts on our bodies to recover from deteriorating conditions or comorbidities, but sometimes, these devices are defective and can lead to catastrophic injuries. Some examples include IVC filters, heater cooler devices used during open heart surgery, Ethicon’s Physiomesh hernia mesh products, Exactech’s joint replacement implants, other knee and hip replacement implants, have been found to pose significant health risks. Get more info about our unsafe product attorneys and the types of cases we represent.

Lead Paint Attorneys

Lead paint is a serious health hazard, and exposure to lead paint can cause a variety of injuries, including brain damage, anemia, kidney damage, reproductive problems, nervous system damage, gastrointestinal injuries, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Many exposures occur in children who live in environments when lead-based paint is chipping off the walls or ceilings. Get more info about our lead paint attorneys and how we can help.

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What Makes Our Team of Trial Lawyers Different?

At Green & Schafle, we work tirelessly every day to make sure our clients’ cases become our causes. Our clients have suffered some of the most tragic and catastrophic outcomes through no fault of their own and it is our job to not only advocate for them to get justice, but to also listen to their hardships and care about them as people so that we can be the best trial lawyers we can for their cases. At Green & Schafle, we advocate for our clients through three core principles:

Authentic. We will always be honest, forthright and direct when analyzing the merits of your case, the status of your lawsuit, and the reasonable outcomes associated your particular case.

Caring. We understand how important your case is to your future wellbeing and livelihood, and we strive to show the greatest amount of empathy for your individual situation so that we can prosecute your case that best benefits you.

Communication. We will always be responsive to your requests for updates and education on your case. This is a team effort and our goal to is make sure you are updated and informed every step of the way so that you can feel good about how your case is being handled.

These are our core principles at Green & Schafle where #GreenCares.

Meet Adam Green

Adam is a founding partner and passionate trial lawyer devoted to nursing home litigation, securities and car accidents

Meet Adam
Adam Green Lawyer | The Green Legal Team

Meet Michael Schafle

Michael is a founding partner and the firm’s defective product and unsafe drug mass tort litigator

Meet Michael
Michael Schafle Lawyer | The Green Legal Team

Meet David Carney

David is one of the nation’s leading vaccine trial lawyers focusing his practice on vaccine-related injuries

Meet David
David Carney Lawyer | The Green Legal Team

Meet Stephen Specht

Stephen zealously represents those injured in car accidents, slip and falls and nursing home neglect cases

Meet Stephen
Stephen Specht Lawyer | The Green Legal Team

Meet Evan Baker

Evan has devoted her practice to representing individuals injured by vaccines

Meet Evan
Evan Baker Lawyer | The Green Legal Team

Meet Marina Rinaldi

Marina assists in cases focused on personal injury and medical malpractice

Meet Marina
Marina Rinaldi Lawyer | The Green Legal Team


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