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What to know about synthetic hernia mesh product recalls and how to get legal help

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### What to know about the synthetic hernia mesh product recall Abdominal wall hernias often require surgical correction. A surgeon can typically repair a hernia without the use of a mesh product and/or the surgeon can use a material, such as a biologic mesh, that poses less risks than many synthetic products that are currently on the market. Many of the synthetic hernia mesh products marketed since the year 2005 to the present were rushed to the market using the FDA’s 510k clearance process and were manufactured and marketed with little to no studies as to the safety of the device. Many of these devices have been silently withdrawn from the market or otherwise have been recalled. These problematic hernia mesh devices contain design defects and undisclosed or under-disclosed risks such as: (1) use of “coatings” on the mesh product that cause adverse reactions and infections; (2) excessive mesh and tissue contraction; (3) tendency of the mesh to migrate, shrink, or turn into a hardened ball or mass; and (4) excess foreign body reaction and rejection of the mesh in the body. The most common side effects in patients are infections, intestinal obstructions or adhesions, permanent nerve damage resulting in pain, hernia recurrence, and revision surgery to correct complications and remove or revise the mesh.

### Commonly reported hernia mesh injuries Hernia mesh injuries are not uncommon. Many injuries result in chronic pain and force patients to undergo avoidable and unnecessary surgical procedures. In some cases, hernia mesh injuries can be fatal. **Fistula.** A fistula is an abnormal connection between two parts of the body. In hernia mesh patients, it’s not uncommon for organs to adhere to the intestinal tract. This abnormal connection damages the intestines and can cause waste to leak into the body and bloodstream. Symptoms of a mesh-related fistula include: - Painful bowel movements - Bloody stool - Lower abdominal pain - Red and swollen skin, and - Bulging veins. **Intestinal Obstruction.** Mesh devices can generate a significant amount of scar tissue in the body. Scar tissue can promote dangerous mesh adhesion. In some cases, this adhesion can create partial or complete blockages in the large and small intestines. **Bowel obstruction.** A bowel obstruction can reduce or limit blood flow the organ, which, in turn, causes tissue death. Obstructions can also cause the intestines to leak into the bloodstream, which can lead to life-threatening infections. Symptoms of intestinal obstruction include: - Lower abdominal pain - Cramping - Bloating - Fever - Infection, and - Constipation. **Internal Bleeding.** Internal bleeding is a common and dangerous complication associated with hernia mesh device failure. Bleeding can occur when mesh implants perforate internal organs, adhere to tissue near the site of the hernia, or migrate to a different part of the body. Bleeding can develop gradually over time or occur rapidly. If not treated right away, internal bleeding can be life-threatening. Patients can suffer from shock, tissue death, and loss of consciousness. Symptoms of internal bleeding include: - Shortness of breath - Bruising - Rapid heart rate - Pain in the chest or shoulders - Changes in vision - Numbness or tingling in the extremities - Nausea, and - Vomiting.

### What are the problematic hernia mesh implants? Several hernia mesh implants have been linked to adverse health events. These include, but are not limited to: - Ethicon Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh - Ethicon Proceed Mesh - Atrium C-Qur Mesh - Atrium ProLite Mesh - Medtronic Versatex Monofilament Mesh - Bard 3DMax Mesh - Bard PerFix Plug - Bard Composix Mesh, and - Covidien Parietex Mesh.

### What Should I Do If My Hernia Mesh Is Recalled? If your mesh is recalled but you aren’t experiencing any problems, then you don’t need to have the mesh removed or take any action. If your mesh is on the recall list and you are suffering complications, the first thing you should do is speak to your doctor. Some complications from recalled mesh can be serious and need to be treated right away. Your doctor can help you figure out if your mesh is causing problems and if you need another surgery.

### Have you developed a complication from a hernia mesh implant? Find out if you qualify for compensation If you have developed an injury from a hernia mesh implant, our lawyers can review your case for free and see if your injury qualifies for compensation. Request a callback below by filling in a few details about your case and an attorney will reach out to you within the hour.

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