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At Green & Schafle, we work tirelessly every day to make sure our clients’ cases become our causes. Our clients have suffered some of the most tragic and catastrophic outcomes through no fault of their own and it is our job to not only advocate for them to get justice, but to also listen to their hardships and care about them as people. Learn more about our approach from a recent clients experience below.


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Green & Schafle is a national leader in personal injury, vaccine injury, product liability and mass tort litigation, having successfully litigated thousands of cases in state and federal courts. Learn more about our successful verdicts, settlements and judgments on behalf of our clients.

Gabi, a Green & Schafle client, provides her experience consulting an attorney about her personal injury case

Gabi suffered SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration) following an HPV vaccine. Her vaccine injury claim was filed in the Federal Vaccine Court (VICP) by vaccine lawyer David Carney where she obtained a large cash settlement for her pain and suffering, lost wages and out of pocket medical expenses.

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Gabi, a vaccine injury client, talks about her experience consulting an attorney about her vaccine injury case with vaccine lawyer David Carney that led to a large cash settlement for her injury case.

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