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Gabi, a vaccine injury client, talks about her experience consulting an attorney about her vaccine injury case with vaccine lawyer David Carney that led to a large cash settlement for her injury case.
## What Is a Vaccine Shoulder Injury (SIRVA)? A shoulder injury due to a vaccine is often referred to as SIRVA, or Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, and people that have developed SIRVA often experience prolonged shoulder pain and limited range of motion occurring as a result of the administration of a vaccine injection. While some degree of pain can be expected from any shoulder injection, the improper administration of a vaccine can cause severe, often debilitating, pain, which can lead to complications. Pain lasting longer than a few days is not associated with the normal side effects of receiving a vaccination.
Gabi, a vaccine injury client, describes her prolonged shoulder pain (SIRVA) after receiving a vaccine.
## What Are the Most Common SIRVA Diagnoses? The most common diagnoses associated with SIRVA are brachial plexus, torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, shoulder bursitis, [shoulder tendinitis](, ulnar neuropathy and shoulder impingement syndrome. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) recognizes a causal connection between vaccines and SIRVA. This means that with the help of a SIRVA vaccine lawyer, a person suffering from a SIRVA vaccine injury can submit a claim (know as a petition) to the federal government for financial compensation for their injury.
## What Causes a Vaccine Shoulder Injury (SIRVA)? The relevant medical and scientific literature suggests that a vaccine shoulder injury (SIRVA) is due to an inflammatory effect from vaccine administration into the subdeltoid bursa. This inflammatory response may be due either to the antigenic or nonantigenic components of the vaccine (antimicrobial, preservative, etc). The studies based these assumptions on the consistent presentations of adhesive capsulitis (as demonstrated by the patient’s pain, lack of motion, weakness, and impaired mobility/functionality) and multiple noted pathologies on imaging, more than would be expected by the trauma of vaccination. Approximately 70% of SIRVA cases are related to the administration of a flu shot. The flu shot (influenza vaccine) is the most common cause of SIRVA vaccine injuries simply due to the large volume of flu shots administered to the general public each year. However, it is important to note that any vaccine that is administered improperly can cause a vaccine shoulder injury (SIRVA.) Recent scientific studies on the topic, including Bodor and Montalvo in 2006, and Atanasoff in 2010 and Barnes in 2012, hypothesized that weakness and pain in the shoulder following the influenza vaccine and other vaccinations, were due to the administration of the vaccine too high in the individuals deltoid muscle. The studies concluded that in order to avoid SIRVA, the upper third of the deltoid or shoulder muscle should not be used for the placement of a vaccine injection.
## Are you suffering from a vaccine shoulder injury (SIRVA) after a recent vaccine? Have a vaccine shoulder injury lawyer review your case for free If you have suffered a shoulder injury after a vaccine, our licensed vaccine injury lawyer David Carney can review your case for free and see if your vaccine injury qualifies for compensation. Our licensed vaccine shoulder injury lawyers have been representing vaccine-injured clients nationwide for the last decade. Request a callback below by filling in a few details about your case below and our vaccine injury team will reach out to you within the hour to discuss your case.
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