What Is “SIRVA”, And What Are Your Legal Options When It Is Linked To A Vaccine?

David Carney by David Carney, Partner of Green & Schafle

It’s not unusual to have a sore shoulder after receiving a vaccination. That doesn’t mean vaccine administration through the shoulder is always free from further complications, however. Issues a person may experience include “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration”, or SIRVA for short. SIRVA is a preventable medical issue caused by the injection of a vaccine into the shoulder capsule instead of the deltoid muscle tissue. Resulting inflammation can lead to persistent shoulder pain, and issues with a person’s range of motion in their shoulder. Most often, SIRVA stems from having the “jab” go into the wrong part of your arm, instead of the thickest part of your deltoid as intended. Other times, trauma from the needle or an injection that is too deep may lead to SIRVA symptoms. When SIRVA is introduced through the vaccine process, it can cause damage to musculoskeletal structures in the tendons, bursae, and shoulder ligaments. ### How to Know the Difference Between Standard Shoulder Soreness and SIRVA If an individual starts experiencing unusual shoulder pain or other shoulder issues within 48 hours of a vaccine, this could indicate the presence of SIRVA. Many patients report SIRVA related symptoms in as little as 24 hours from injection. If the pain does not subside through the use of over the counter pain medications, that is another red flag pointing to a potential vaccine complication. The most common treatments for issues stemming from SIRVA are similar to treatments for other shoulder injuries. These treatments can include: - Physical therapy - Anti-inflammatory shots - Surgery when all non-invasive treatments fail SIRVA injuries are typically diagnosed similarly to inflammatory injuries such as bursitis, rotator cuff tears, and adhesive capsulitis. In many situations, SIRVA will not appear different from other routine shoulder injuries. As with other injuries, patients may not even see a doctor about the problem until weeks or months after they first experience it. The key difference between injuries is that, unlike a standard overuse or “wear and tear” injury, SIRVA is an avoidable, preventable ailment that was triggered by a vaccination. Unfortunately, SIRVA injuries can be more than a mere nuisance or discomfort issue. These injuries can be painful, debilitating, and can even put someone out of work. There is the physical pain, compounded by the emotional pain associated with not being able to do the things you enjoy. There are still important steps one can take to address the problems and take control over the situation: 1. Document all information regarding your injury, including the date of vaccination, and any follow-up treatments or expenses that were later required. 2. If you have been required to miss work, or lost any potential earnings due to the SIRVA injury, document the lost time, wages, or potential income. 3. Talk to an experienced vaccine injury attorney about your options. An attorney that has addressed recovery for others in your situation will know about the resources available to you, including Federal funds for those injured due to vaccine administration. ### The Vaccine Injury Attorneys at Green & Schafle Are Ready to Help When Needed If you have suffered serious or long-term shoulder pain that was connected to a vaccination you received, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, out-of-pocket costs, and pain and suffering. The good news is you don’t have to go through this part alone. Our vaccine injury lawyers at Green & Schafle have helped many that have suffered from SIRVA and other vaccine-related injuries. Call us today for help.
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