What Are Common Causes Of Vaccine Errors And Injuries?

When people go to get any type of vaccine, they trust that not only is the vaccine itself safe and effective, but that the vaccine will be administered correctly and without any issues. For many people, in fact, they are more worried about the needle itself than what is within the syringe. Unfortunately, human error is a part of the process – perhaps more often than we may think. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has acknowledged in recent years that as many as half of vaccine injury claims filed through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program have been related to vaccination error. Often, this is due to a shot being given at the wrong location on the arm – too high or too low on the shoulder. When this happens, it can cause excruciating pain for the recipient, and sometimes this pain can linger and become a long-term problem. SIRVA – Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration – is the name commonly given when these issues arise, and used by the government to classify these types of vaccine injuries for the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. SIRVA is an inflammatory process that damages the musculoskeletal structures including the bursae, tendons, and ligaments – usually after an intramuscular deltoid injection of a vaccine. Signs of SIRVA typically occur within 48 hours of a shot and can include: - Shoulder pain (sometimes sharp or severe) - Bruising and swelling - Reduced mobility in the shoulder or arm - Reduced muscle strength and function - Tingling or numbness in the arm Despite the potentially severe and life-altering consequences of SIRVA and other issues related to vaccine errors, the issue is often under-reported and those administering the shots are not always notified that their actions caused an unintended but harmful reaction. ### What are Vaccine Administration Errors? A vaccine administration error is a preventable occurrence that can harm a patient. In many cases, errors involve administration in the wrong part of the patient’s shoulder or body. Other vaccine errors may include providing the wrong dosage, or the wrong vaccine entirely. These issues can be caused by any number of factors, including: - Improper training - Overstaffing - Distractions - Changes in recommendations - Lack of standard protocols - Patient misidentification - Vaccine misidentification Any of these factors, as well as simple human error in administering a dose, can cause problems that have serious consequences for the patient. If a patient has suffered an injury – particularly SIRVA – following a vaccine, they may be eligible for compensation through the VICP. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims oversees vaccine injury claims and can hear your case – ideally with the assistance of a skilled vaccine injury attorney. Through this system, patients injured as a result of vaccine error can be compensated for unreimbursed medical costs and pain and suffering. ### If You or a Loved One has been Injured Due to Vaccine Error, Our Vaccine Injury Attorneys at Green & Schafle Can Help Sometimes, sadly, a routine vaccine appointment for you or your child turns into a serious problem, with lingering complications, and long-lasting health consequences. If the complications arose shortly after a vaccine, legal remedies may be available to you. Our experienced and effective vaccine injury attorneys at Green & Schafle can discuss all options available in these scenarios. To learn more, feel free to [request a callback](https://www.greenlegalteam.com/contact-us/) or call us today at 1-855-462-3330. **Source:** hrsa.gov/vaccine-compensation/about/index.html

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