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Personal Injury & Vaccine Injury Lawyers > Philadelphia Liquor Liability Lawyer

Philadelphia Liquor Liability Lawyers

Liquor liability or “dram shop” law refers to the financial liability of a wide range of establishments including bars, restaurants, and social clubs that serve alcohol to patron or members.

Pouring beer

In 18th Century England, taverns that sold gin by the spoonful, or “dram,” were called dram shops, and it’s from these old world ancestors of today’s modern bars that our current liquor liability laws descend.

Established at the state level, dram shop or liquor liability laws hold venues where liquor is served liable for financial and property damages inflicted by visibly intoxicated patrons. These venues include but are not limited to bars, liquor stores, restaurants, social clubs, and private event venues that serve alcohol. Of course, dram shop laws also apply to venues selling liquor without a license, after sanctioned hours, to minors, or in any other way illegally.  If you or anyone you know has been in an accident involving alcohol, please contact our Philadelphia liquor liability lawyers today.

Liquor Liability Personal Injury Lawsuits

The most common liquor liability lawsuit involves a drunk driving motor vehicle accident in which the driver was served alcohol while visibility intoxicated. When this driver damages property or injures another driver or occupants of a motor vehicle, not only is that drunk driver legally liable for his reckless and negligible behavior, but the venue that sold him or her alcohol can also be sued for damages.

However, drunk driving accidents are not the only incidents that may involve dram shop laws. For example, if a bar has served alcohol to a visibly drunk individual, and that individual then gets into a bar fight or starts an altercation on their way home from the bar, liability for the harm and damages that individual causes may be the shared all or in part by the bar.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control

The state of Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board runs a program for businesses that serve alcohol called RAMP, or “Responsible Alcohol Management Program.” This program helps employees of dram shop businesses to recognize the signs of visible intoxication as well as how to manage intoxicated patrons, in order to limit that business liquor liability. Some of the lessons include:

  • Identifying underage patrons and minors
  • Signs of impairment and intoxication
  • Effective management of intoxicated patrons
  • Detection of fake IDs
  • Coordinating designed-drivers and rides home

Philadelphia Liquor Liability Lawyers

The liquor liability lawyers at Green & Schafle understand how traumatic and costly an accident involving alcohol can be. We want to help.

If you or anyone you know has been in an accident involving alcohol, please contact our attorneys immediately for a free consultation toll-free at 1-855-462-3330 or by using our online contact form.

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