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Personal Injury & Vaccine Injury Lawyers > Philadelphia Essure Injury Lawyer

Philadelphia Essure Injury Lawyer

Essure is a permanent birth control system sold by bayer. Essure is a prescription only, non-hormonal form of birth control that was intended to prevent pregnancy by the use of micro-inserts into the fallopian tubes. These micro-inserts were designed to stimulate tissue growth, causing blockage of the fallopian tubes and preventing pregnancy. Essure was touted as a superior alternative to the popular permanent form of birth control, tubal ligation (tying tubes).  If you have been the victim of an defective drug contact the Philadelphia essure injury lawyers at Green & Schafle today.

Green & Schafle Acts as Local Counsel in Essure Cases

Acting as local counsel on behalf of Pope McGlamry based in Atlanta, Georgia, Managing Partner, Adam M. Green and Green & Schafle have filed a complaint in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of several clients who allegedly suffered serious health consequences as a result of using Essure Birth Control.

Essure Became “Adulterated” and “Misbranded”

As Green & Schafle alleged in its complaint in the Eastern District, recipients of Essure, including the firm’s clients, suffered serious health issues due to the unintended migration of the micro-inserts, which ultimately broke apart, perforated organs, and generally wreaked havoc on the body.

As further alleged, the purveyor of Essure, Bayer Corporation, violated Federal Law when it failed to report known hazards of the product and failed to meet the minimum reporting requirements of the FDA. While Essure did receive Pre-Approval by the FDA, its failures resulted in Essure becoming “adulterated” and “misbranded” according to Federal Law.

Essure Lawsuits

About 750,000 women and their spouses have used Essure for contraception. It is not known how many women have suffered injuries as a result of the device’s failings. However, Bayer has been the target of numerous lawsuits recently over Essure, including those filed by Green, Schafle & Gibbs.

Medical Device Law Firm

If you or someone you know has been the victim of Essure or any other faulty or defective medical device, please contact us immediately to discuss your legal rights by using our online contact form or by calling 215-462-3330.

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