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Personal Injury & Vaccine Injury Lawyers > Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, with the help of a personal injury attorney you may be able to recover significant monetary awards for property damage, medical treatment costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Fortunately, serious bus accidents (including public transportation and school transportation vehicles) represent just a small part of overall motor vehicle accidents. But largely because of their massive size, when bus accidents do occur, they tend to be serious. Indeed, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, every year in the United States, around 25,000 people will be injured in bus accidents. A few hundred of them will be killed, a Philadelphia bus accident lawyers can help you get compensation.

Culpability in Bus Accidents

Every year, around 25,000 people are injured in bus accidents.

Because of their size and bulkiness, one of the leading causes of bus accident continues to be blind spots. While you would think by now that bus drivers and, more importantly, the companies that own and operate commercial buses, school buses, shuttle buses, and private coaches would know better, recent news that SEPTA buses harbored a fatal blind spot flaw should remind us that even now dangerous large vehicles are on the road all around us.

According to an alarming recent report by Action News, the SEPTA bus blind spot has been linked to several pedestrian deaths and numerous injuries around the greater Philadelphia area.

Drivers Often Not Properly Trained

Flaws are not the only grounds for culpability in bus accidents, however. Often, through a thorough investigation of a bus accident, attorneys can establish that bus drivers were not properly trained in how to handle their vehicles, thus making the bus company itself liable for damages. Finally, bus companies must maintain their vehicles to a certain reasonable standard. Failing to uphold this standard in the context of an accident could be negligent.

Unfortunately, victims of serious bus accidents hardly ever walk away. The typical bus accident victim, whether passenger or pedestrian, will require emergency hospitalization followed by ongoing medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation. With emergency medical care comes enormous healthcare bills. With serious physical injury comes time off from work, or possibly permanent disability.

Who’s going to pay for all that?

How will you support your family while you recover?

Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Accident Lawyers

The bus accident lawyers at Green & Schafle understand how traumatic and costly a bus crash can be. There’s the damage to you and/or your vehicle, medical treatment costs, loss of employment, pain and suffering…

We want to help. You can count on us to use our skills and experience to advocate for you and seek maximum recovery of your damages.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a bus accident, please contact our attorneys immediately for a free consultation toll-free at 215-462-3330 or by using our online contact form.

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