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Tag Archives: elder fraud


Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly: A Growing Problem

By Green & Schafle |

Retired Boomers Increasingly Targeted by Financial Scam Artists As baby boomers hit retirements, bringing with them the largest amount of wealth a single generation has ever possessed, regulators at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) foresee an ever growing number of financial scams designed to separate boomers… Read More »

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Marvel Comics Creator Needs Superhero to Combat Elder Abuse

By Green & Schafle |

Stan Lee, creator of many of the Marvel comic superheroes that drive the most successful summer blockbusters, is in need of a superhero himself. Lee has recently been embroiled in a series of legal and health battles that, taken as a whole, amount to a particularly spectacular form of elder abuse. Elder Abuse Can… Read More »

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