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Family Sues Care Facility After Woman Found Asphyxiated On Cleaning Wipe


An unsupervised patient with cerebral palsy was found dead in her bathroom with a cleaning wipe jammed down her throat. The family has filed a lawsuit demanding answers from the facility and intends to take their case before a jury. The lawsuit makes some damaging allegations amid government pressure placed on the network of residential care facilities that were responsible for the patient.

Since allegations in the lawsuit have surfaced, the State of Pennsylvania announced a 90-day termination of the facility’s contract. If the facility cannot prove that they are meeting basic healthcare standards, it will be shut down entirely. This, ultimately, is the most serious action that the government can take against a healthcare facility.

Most of these facilities rely on public insurance. That allows the government to set specific standards for coverage. Threatening to pull a facility’s Medicare or Medicaid coverage is essentially a kill shot. Ultimately, this is more of a threat to the facility than dozens of wrongful death lawsuits.

Analyzing the lawsuit 

It’s unclear how a woman ended up with a cleaning wipe in her throat. However, there doesn’t appear to be a good medical reason for that. Further, the patient was supposed to be under supervision. Obviously, no one caught the problem until she had already died. So, there were multiple failures of care that occurred even if one of the staff members didn’t intentionally kill the woman.

Generally speaking, confounding situations like this occur when the medical standards of a health care facility have lapsed so low that basic services are no longer being provided. Then something completely inexplicable happens, and everyone is scratching their head. However, regardless of how strange the details of the situation are, it’s important to understand that something like this was inevitable. When the standard of care lapses this low, patients die. They usually don’t die in such confounding ways, but when they do, it helps prove the most serious allegations against the facility.

The network of health care facilities is facing multiple government sanctions and lawsuits related to the quality of care. So, this isn’t some freak accident. It’s evidence of exceptionally low standards.

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