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Elmiron Linked To Eye Damage, Blindness


In 2015, physicians in Atlanta started noticing patients who had sustained severe eye damage due to the buildup of an unknown plaque. The patients only had one thing in common. They were all taking the drug Elmiron for bladder issues.

Elmiron is one of the few treatments available for Painful Bladder Syndrome, which is exactly what it sounds like. Elmiron protects the bladder wall relieving pain and other symptoms. However, when it was discovered that several patients on Elmiron were suffering from eye damage, a closer look was taken at the drug.

As it turned out, about 25% of those tested showed some form of eye damage or buildup. There is further evidence that the company was aware of the link between their drug and the eye condition but failed to warn the public. If so, then the stakes for the class-action lawsuit are much higher for the company that manufactured the drug. They could be held liable for punitive damages.

Understanding the problem 

Elmiron was long considered one of the safest medications on the market. Doctors did not have any fears when increasing doses for patients. Nonetheless, those exposed to the highest doses of Elmiron show the most damage to their eyes. Hence, the problem was exacerbated by the false marketing of the drug as safe. It is more than likely that the company will continue to believe that its drug is safe even after they have settled claims related to it.

However, the company that manufactured Elmiron conducted a study prior to 2015 that showed some of the patients had eye damage as a result of taking the drug. The company did not act on this information, failed to disclose the results to the public or regulators, and allowed millions of more Americans to suffer blindness while they increased their profits.

In cases like these, it is typical for a pharmaceutical company to be punished for failing to disclose information they had a duty to disclose. The manner in which the company is punished, is to apply a multiplier to the personal injury judgment against them.

Who is eligible to file a claim? 

You can file a claim against Elmiron if you have evidence of retinal degeneration, maculopathy, or other related eye problems. You must have taken the medication for at least one year. At present, the case against the company is rock solid. Even if they did not have a study indicating the drug caused injury, they would still be liable under product liability rules. So, now, it’s a matter of determining how extensive the malfeasance was and whether or not there was an intentional effort to bury information that could have prevented injury.

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