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Personal Injury & Vaccine Injury Lawyers > Blog > Elder Issues > 80% of Philly Nursing Homes Cited for Pre-COVID-19 “Infection Control” Issues

80% of Philly Nursing Homes Cited for Pre-COVID-19 “Infection Control” Issues


Philadelphia Nursing Homes Unprepared for Pandemic

According to an investigation conducted by NBC10 Philadelphia into local nursing homes, eight out of ten elder care facilities in Philadelphia were non-compliant with infection control standards prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PA Nursing Homes Host 60% of Coronavirus Deaths

Eight out of 10 nursing homes in the Philadelphia region were cited prior to the pandemic for infection control violations.
— NBC10 Investigation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept over the globe, disproportionately affecting the elderly and those in elder care facilities, more than 2,800 residents of nursing homes in Pennsylvania have died as a result of the virus. That amounts to more than 60% of all coronavirus deaths in the state.

Pennsylvania Health Department officials released the data covering all 557 licensed facilities in the state last week. The state has announced that it will soon begin testing all nursing home staff and residents for symptoms of the virus.

But is this a matter of too little, too late?

For years many nursing home facilities have been allowed to operate with subpar infection control processes in place. This lack of strict policy has perhaps led to far more deaths than would have occurred if nursing homes had been more vigilant in protecting their residents.

An advocacy group for long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania claims that larger fines for violation would not solve the problem. According to Leading Age PA, the solution lies in better compensation and better supplies. Whatever the solution, Pennsylvania nursing homes had better step up their game in light of the vulnerability of their residents to novel viruses like COVID-19.

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