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New Legislation Aimed at Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse



Last year, twenty-three states and the District of Columbia brought about changes regarding statute of limitations laws, giving victims of sexual assault more chances to have their voices heard. Statute of limitations laws have long hushed the voices of sexually violated people. However, new legislation in various states could give victims of assault more options in a legal dispute.

A year ago New York passed the Child Victims Act, an administrative move that could finally give numerous victims of child sexual violation their day in court. New York isn’t the only one. In 2019, 23 states and the District of Columbia made changes to statutes of limitations, as indicated by information from ChildUSA, a research organization for child protection.

Criminal and Civil Child Sex Abuse Laws

A few states made changes to their criminal child sex abuse laws. Different states made changes to civil child sex abuse laws and a portion of the states made changes to the two kinds of laws, a representative from the association told the media.

An expanding number of states are also eliminating statutes of limitations for criminal cases to be petitioned for certain wrongdoings, which depending on the state, could incorporate child molestation, rape or first-degree lawful felonies. As states adopt new laws, it could prompt huge difficulty for strict foundations who have for quite some time been blamed for harboring child sexual offenders, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Catholic Church.

The Associated Press—in view of meetings with many legal practitioners and clergy violation vigilante groups—recommended that the new influx of claims against the Catholic Church might incorporate almost 5,000 new cases in New York, New Jersey and California and could prompt potential payouts of more than $4 billion for the religious institution. “The general public is more disgusted than ever with the clergy sex abuse and the cover-up, and that will be reflected in jury verdicts,” Boston lawyer Mitchell Garabedian told the AP.

Under New York’s ongoing act, adult survivors of child sexual assaults were allowed a one-year time span to record a child violation lawsuit against their abuser or an establishment regardless of how old the case of violation is. The one-year-window opened in August and in a few hours, the number of lawsuits recorded in the state started to develop. Before the finish of the principal day, 427 claims had been documented all through the state, including 169 cases in New York City.

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