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Why Companies Recalled Heartburn Medications



On the 11th Jan 2020, it was reported that companies have started the process of voluntary recall of some heartburn medications.

Shortly after the Federal officials announced the voluntary recalls of some pharmacies over NDMA, a drug filled with a potential human carcinogen, many other pharmacies have recalled the common variety of heartburn drug Zantac, called ranitidine, from shelves. Appco Pharma LLC is one, who publicly made an announcement informing the public of their recall of 50mg and 300mg ranitidine tablets.

Similar Incidents to Ranitidine Recall

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Denton Pharma had announced its voluntary recall of 150mg and 300mg prescription of ranitidine tablets, which was manufactured by the Glen-mark pharmaceutical company.

Ranitidine, sold and known by the brand name Zantac is a medication that reduces the production of acid in the stomach and it treats and prevents peptic ulcer diseases, gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD and ZOLLINGER – ELLISON syndrome.

Although there have not been any negative reports on the consumption of the medication directly related to the various recalls, nonetheless, it is advised that consumers should stop the use of the drug and dispose of the product and also consult a doctor for any other available treatment options.

Contaminant in Ranitidine

N-Nitrosodimetylmine (NDMA), an ecological contaminant, seen in water and food such as substance, dairy products and vegetables, has attracted wide attention as being highly hepatotoxic and a probable human carcinogen. Companies recalled the medications over risk of presence of NDMA, which also provoked a series of recalls of heartburn drugs and blood-pressure lowering drugs over the recent months.

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