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Hernia Device Manufacturer Allegedly Knew About Dangers 20 Years Ago


Evidence released during litigation over injuries allegedly sustained due to hernia mesh implants appears to indicate that the multinational manufacturers of some devices failed to heed warnings of dangers associated with the implants.

Resin in Hernia Mesh Implants Posed Danger to Patients

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of hernia patches and mesh implant technology, CR Bard and its subsidiary, Davol, were allegedly informed more than 20 years ago that their devices might cause serious health consequences and that they should not be using polypropylene resin. Now, thousands of patients who have been given those implants are suffering from severe heath issues including bladder problems and pelvic organ prolapse. The hernia implant devices in question were suspended from use starting in 2014.

During a recent New Jersey Supreme Court case involving the hernia mesh, former CR Bard Vice President admitted to receiving a disturbing call from one of its major suppliers. Chevron Philips, which makes a resin called Marlex which had been used in the Bard implants, told Bard that it was concerned about the possibility of litigation arising from the use of Marlex in a permanent medical implant.

Resin Manufacturer Tried to Warn Implant Companies to No Avail

In 2004, Chevron Philips went so far as to issue formal warning notices to implant manufacturers that Marlex was not recommended for use in human implantation. Incredibly, Bard and other hernia mesh makers continued to use the polypropylene resin in products specific design to be placed inside human patients for the long term. Marlex also found its way into implants used to control bladder and pelvic organ prolapse. Even after Chevron Philips refused to allow the resin to be used in implants, Bard allegedly sourced the material from third-parties and continued production.

Horrific Consequences and Lawsuits for Some with Faulty Hernia Implants

Thousands of injured patients have joined the ranks who are bringing multi-district litigation (MDL) against Bard and other hernia implant manufacturers for putting people at unnecessary risk. Many of these patients have suffered horrific internal health issues, including chronic infections and the eventual removal of bladder and bowel organs compromised by the implant materials.

Unsafe Drug and Medical Device Attorneys

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