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Elder Abuse Takes Many Forms


Elder Law Attorney Commits Elder Abuse

According to a recent news report, an Elder Law attorney based in Brick, NJ stole nearly $2 million from his elderly clients, many of whom were suffering from dementia and did not have close relatives to keep a watchful eye over them.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office has accused attorney Robert Novy of money laundering, theft, and related charges in a case that has deep implications for the world we now live in. Novy’s method of stealing from his most vulnerable clients was devilishly simple: gain control of their assets through wills, powers of attorney and trust documents by making himself the sole financial decision-maker.

Elder Financial Abuse a Widespread and Growing Problem in the US

Every year in this country, millions of senior Americans will lose tens of millions of dollars to elder financial abuse. They will lose their savings and wealth to predators like Novy; they will lose it to unscrupulous financial advisors; and they will lose it to immoral family members.

The first step toward bringing a halt to elder financial abuse in this country is to acknowledge it – to raise awareness. Thankfully, many organizations across the US are now working to do just that. But it is stories like that of Robert Novy and his six elderly clients who lost nearly everything they had to him that drives the urgency of the problem home most forcefully.

What to Do about Elder Abuse

Elder financial abuse is not an inevitability. With greater awareness and vigilance on the part of all of us as a society, we can work to protect our most vulnerable citizens from predatory individuals and criminal schemes. If the first step to do so is to become aware, the second is to become vigilant. We must stay close to our elders; visit with them; talk to them; and know who has access to and control of their wealth. Otherwise, the Novys of the world are free to exploit their isolation.

Philadelphia Elder Financial Abuse Law Firm

If you or someone you love has been the victim of elder abuse by a lawyer, financial advisor, or even a family member, please contact our attorneys immediately for a free consultation by calling toll-free 215-462-3330 or by using our online contact form.

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