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Pennsylvania Nursing Home Caught Abusing Elders


This week a Bucks County, Pennsylvania nursing home fired 10 of its employees after the abuse of nursing home residents came to light thanks to family members.

According to news reports, the Saint Therese nursing home in bucolic New Hope, PA, two nursing assistant were arrested on charges of alleged abuse of elderly residents. Several other nursing home staff members were dismissed for not having reported instances of abuse; others for using their cellphones while attending to patients, a violation of facility policy.

The scandal broke thanks to several concerned family members who outfitted their loved ones with hidden cameras after they detected injuries and bruising on residents’ bodies. The cameras caught the abusers red-handed.

According to the CDC, more than half a million Americans over the age of 60 are abused or neglected every year. Even more disturbingly, this number appears to represent only a small number of actual instances of elder abuse, since the majority of incidents go unreported.

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